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Yunnan Medicine and health products import and export co., LTD. is a subordinate company of Yunnan Native Produce Imp.&Exp.(Group) Co.,Ltd, which was founded in 1954. The scale of operation of the Group company exceed 500 million RMB every year. The import-export volume exceed $80 million. The company has passed the ISO9000 International Quality System Qualification Certification、ISO4001 environmental system certification、GB/T18001 the worker health and safety management system cerfication. And the company has got Kunming Customs A-class enterprises、export production enterprises for the record of MACA tablet and MACA fine powder.

Fine powder factory of Yunnan Medicine and health products import and export co., LTD. 

It takes advanced ultra-fine comminution technology and equipment. The factory is specialized in functional healthy food、ultrafine exine-detached technology research、 production and processing of plant medicinal materials. It achieves the SC of MACA、Moringa oleifera、Cordyceps militaris、Olive、Lemon、rose、wild fungus. The factory also undertake ultrafine powder processing for plant and animal origin.

Advanced processing technology

1.Ultra-fine disruption technology at room temperature. Guarantee nutrition facts of supplies.

2.We have unique technology for ultra-fine disruption of plant fiber、sugary and high oil raw materials.

3.We have unique technology for ultra-fine disruption of rigid-flexible material such as animal bones.

4.The average granularity of ultra-fine Plant raw materials can be 800 mesh to 1500 mesh ; other special materials can be 2000 mesh.

5.Our company have been engaged 20 years on ultra-fine research, rich technical experience. We have processed many varieties such as food、Chinese herb medicines、insects、animals.

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Description: Superfine powder of fresh yak bones with marrows and tendons.Raw material from cold alpine area of Shangri-La. Net content:54g(0.6g×90)

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This product is made of wild puerariae radix elaborately processed by special superfine cell wall breaking technology at normal temperature,which makes all nutritional ingredients well concentrated for absorbing easily by buman bodies. Net content:45

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Sperfine Cellwall-breaking Pure Natrual Extract Tablet.Raw material from Yunnan Plateau green ecological area. Net content:45g(0.5g×90)

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Sperfine Cellwall-breaking Extract Tablet. Raw material from cold alpine area of Shangri-La and Lijiang.Net content:60g(0.5g×120)