BLACK FUNGUS Powder Tablet

  • Description: Sperfine Cellwall-breaking Pure Natrual Extract Tablet.Raw material from Yunnan Plateau green ecological area. Net content:45g(0.5g×90)
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Sperfine cellwall-breaking Pure Natrual Extract Tablet

Raw material from Yunnan Plateau green ecological area.

Black fungus Introduction

Black fungus, known in the nutrition community as "the meat in vegetanan", "the meat in vegetarian", "the king of vegetarian", is a kind of delicious and nutritious edible fungi. In envery 100 grams of black fungus there is 185 mg Fe contained. It is rich in Fe contained. It is rich in FE, Ca, vitamin E & K, dietary fiber, various amino acids and microelements. Among them protein content is the same as that of meat. It is also regarded as "beauty remedy delicacies", "radiation protective agent", and "human scavenger". As recorded in Compendium of Materia Medica, Long term use can make people keep good health and being refreshed.

Collected in mountain areas of Nanjian, Yunnan, this product is unique pure wild black fungus and elaborately processed and concentrated by special superfine cell wall breaking technology at nomal temperature.

Name: Black fungus tablet (dextrose candy)

Ingredients: Black fungus powder, Xylitol, Honey, Lactose,VC,maltodextrin,edible corn starch

Net weight: 45gram (0.5gram×90)

Administer Standard: Q/YWP 0009 S

Production Permit No.: SC11353011100918

Shlf life: 24 months

Usage and dosage: take orally, 3-6 pills 1-2 times daily

Storage: indry, cool and ventilated place

Origin: Kunming, Yunnan,China

Manufacturer: Yunnan Native Produce Imp. & Exp. Group Co., Ltd. Paomashan Branch

Plant address: 17th Floor, Foreign Trade Building, No. 175, Beijing Road, Kunming, Yunnan,China

Tel: +86 871 63149680, +86 871 63163336

Nutrition Information
Project 100g NRV%
   energy    1310kj    16%
   protein    11.3g    19%
   fat    0.4g    0.7%
   carbohydrate    64.9g    22%
   sodium    22mg    1%