The Ferry Gallery

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The Ferry Gallery is a non for profit organisation as our main aim is to promote contemporary art from all over the world to everyday people and be the game changer in the Thai contemporary art scene. With generous support from various organisations and press, we are truly grateful. These organisations including Tourism Authority of Thailand and Thongsomboon Club are the reasons why we started The Ferry Gallery beautifully.

We would also like to thank you all media and press whom has promoted and supported us throughout these years.


Your donation to The Ferry Gallery enables us to achieve the following:

10 $ / 300 Baht - We can re-paint all boxes that cover the TVs in white color.
20 $ / 600 Baht - We can repair 3 LED light globes within the ferry.
60 $ / 1,800 Baht- We can paint all chairs within the ferry in white color.
300$ / 10,000 Baht - We can pay for the maintenance of the solar system.
400 $ /12,000 Baht- We can re-paint The Ferry Gallery (both interior and exterior)